About Geoffrey

I am a generative artist who lives in San Francisco. I use robots and artificial intelligence to create physically drawn pieces that can explore the complexity, intricacy, and simplicity of patterns in a way that traditional artists can't while still creating art that still has a matière feeling. 

I take inspiration from Escher, Flavin, Warhol, Sol LeWitt,  Michelangelo, and Mucha.


Previously, I’ve done a myriad of math + computer science-related jobs. I started an analytics company that got into YC, I was VP of Engineer at a startup quant fund, and I worked at Deepmind as a research engineer. I have a BS in math and an MS in mathematical statistics from the University of Utah.

If you're interested in what I'm reading check this out. 

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The perfect blend between geometric abstract art and op art prints

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