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About Geoffrey

I am a NYC based artist who primarily does computational drawing, sometimes paints, and occasionally laser cuts.  I program custom software using machine learning and AI to design pieces, and then use a high precision drawing robot to mechanically draw them. My work gravitates around studying geometric forms, textures, and patterns that range from simple to intricate.

I take inspiration from Dan Flavin, Sol LeWitt,  Donald Judd, Robert Mangold, James Turrell, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko,  Robert Ryman, and Barnett Newman.


Previously, I’ve done a myriad of math + computer science-related jobs. I started an analytics company that got into YC, I was VP of Engineer at a startup quant fund, and I worked at Deepmind as a research engineer. I have a BS in math and an MS in mathematical statistics from the University of Utah.

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