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Moire Matière

Algorithmically, I created this artwork by taking two identical finely textured hexagons and rotating them forwards and backward in space (with respect to the viewer) to create an optical illusion from wave interference. 

Thematically, I created this artwork to explore how simplistic elements (in terms of shape, texture, and colors) can be harmonized to create rich visuals and intricate patterns. 

This series has two variants. A dark charcoal variant (in the first picture), and a light steel variant (pictured at the end of the gallery).  The charcoal coloring was designed to be bolder and immediately draw the viewer in, while the steel coloring is more subtle and nuanced to encourage the viewer to study how this optical illusion arises from a simple pattern. 


About the Work

Plotter: Axidraw V3

Image Size: 10"x10"

Paper: Strathmore 500 Series Bristol  11"x14" 

Ink: Archival Ink

Original Print - hand signed, dated, and includes a certificate of authenticity

Limited run - 4/6 available (2L/2D)

Finishing - None, unframed

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